Adidas Commercial (2015)

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Adidas Commercial

Fall 2015
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Plot / Description

Every moment is a chance to take what you know, and reinvent it. Create the New Speed. 
NFL Athletes DeMarco Murray, Sammy Watkins and Jimmy Graham are now your competition. Go out and create your own game. 
"adidas: Create The New Speed feat. Jimmy Graham, DeMarco Murray, Sammy Watkins"


Just watch what I do! 
See that, Jimmy! 
That's 18! 
Rush that new speed! 
(Lyrics) Hold up, this the game, it chose us 
Pioneer, started on my corner like the cold crush 
...linin' up the block like the gold rush 
Before the window of opportunity close up 
I came 
I saw 
I conquered 
I balled 
Yogi said get 'em so I got 'em all 
And turned this [bitch] into a burial

Written Text

"New Speed" Mixtape 
I'm Coming For Ya! 
You Too DeMarco!