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Adidas Commercial for Adidas ODDS (2016)

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Adidas Commercial for Adidas ODDS

Fall 2016
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Plot / Description

‘ODDS’ is a special edition pair of shoes created as an ode to all the para-athletes across the world. It is a unique pair of the same- 2 lefts or 2 rights put together for these inspirational athletes who defy all odds in life. Here’s the story of Major DP Singh, India’s first blade-runner and a war hero who has run over 18 marathons and continues to do so. In short, he has evened out the odds. Now it’s our turn. 
"ODDS by adidas"


Odd, isn't it? For a man to run when technically he shouldn't even be walking. To compete in a marathon on one leg, when really he should be sitting at home and watching it. To have a head that thumps louder than the heart. To survive death in a war and still have a war to fight. So odd to have shrapnel cutting through the body and a blade cushioning the thrust. To bear his pain where his wounds are covered in bandages, yet keep going. To risk the other to make up for the one that's already gone. To do with one what seems impossible even with two. To run against all odds. To prove that nothing is odd. Odd, isn't it? To run on even grounds, uneven roads, even hurdles, uneven stakes, even starting lines, uneven goals, even steps, uneven feet, and to do it all, no matter what. He has evened out the odds. The question is, have we? Adidas ODDS. An even pair of two lefts or two rights for those who run against the odds.

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odds by adidas 
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