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Canon Commercial (2016)

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Canon Commercial

Fall 2016
Genres: Electronics
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Plot / Description

We met up with three of the most notorious surfers of Munich’s Eisbach river to tell our latest ‘Come and See’ story, City Surfers. 
"Meet the City Surfers - Come and See - Canon"


This wave is dangerous. It's really dangerous. It's a lot of water, and it looks small but you have a lot of power of water there. And you have to get used to the way the wave works, the way the hydraulics work on the waves, the way your body moves when you fall off the wave. You have to have respect for it, you know? Respect also the locals, and all that. The river surfing community here in Munich is pretty big though. This is the birthplace of river surfing all over the world. Everything started here in Munich, actually. 
I was a skateboarder, I was a snowboarder. Surfing was always there for me but I never did it. And when I was 18 I did like a small surf trip and started surfing in the oceans. And that day I never stopped surfing. I came back to Munich and realized I can surf here. I am totally hooked. 
I can't really explain why I started surfing. It was more in a need of wanting to surf I have and I can't explain why I have it. So it was in me.  
I started to surf when I was five. My father put me on a longboard and then I got hooked. The difference between this wave and an ocean wave is that the ocean wave is pushing you so you just distribute your weight a little differently on the board and your body language is also different.  
Surfing is commitment. You build your life around surfing. You know, normally if you go surfing here, you never make an appointment. You just come and meet your friends, and just have a session. You know this wave is so unique, this place is so unique so you always come back. It's like a local spot, you know? 
I think practicing and being good at it takes about half a year, a year to really have your flow and your, yeah, until you feel how it works. I come here over and over again because it's like an addiction. It's like you want to do it, a new trick, you want to feel that feeling again of just turning off your head and that's a feeling I need.  
Well, actually, I also met my girlfriend here at the river wave. And it wasn't planned like this. Love, love is never planned. 
So, when Alex and I are on the wave together, it's like, yeah, it's our challenge because we have something that we share and what we enjoy and what we love, so that's yeah, our thing.  
I always try to think about nothing because it just happens, you know? And this is what surfing is all about. You lose your mind when you go surf.

Written Text

The City Surfers 
Munich | Germany 
The Eisbach River 
Alexander Neuman 
Tao Schirrmacher 
Karina Rankine 
come and see