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Marriott Commercial for Marriott Rewards (2016)

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Marriott Commercial for Marriott Rewards

Fall 2016
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Plot / Description

Take a peek behind the scenes of our You Are Here campaign in which we feature the stories of real members just like you. Learn about what being a rewards member means to a Marine Archaeologist from Perth, Australia and an art enthusiast from London. 
"You are here. And you are the star of our new campaign."


Ten days ago we were in the middle of winter in Perth, getting on with things, and then I got this opportunity.  
I've never been in a commercial before. And it was overwhelming but overwhelmingly exciting.  
I'm a Marine Archaeologist and I work in a museum in Australia. Being in this environment is something really, really new and exciting. I couldn't believe the number of people involved in doing this. Hundreds it felt like.  
My name is Morenika. I live in London and I'm a Marriott Rewards member and one of my passions in life is art.  
Here it starts. Here is the Marriott hotel... 
My favorite part to shoot you know is just the entrance into the JW Marriott hotel. You know, it was just such an amazing view and I loved doing it over and over again.  
We're just going to shoot another one. 
The underwater stuff is unreal. Just to go diving with some really nice people, see some amazing stuff on the sea bed. It was a really, really amazing experience.  
The crew was amazing. They made me feel so, kind of, welcome and sure of myself.  
Cut. Let's do one more. 
It's a job, isn't it? Really it was nice. It's just been a great holiday but it's also been a bit of work. It's tiring. but it was loads of fun. Traveling puts me in different places I may not be familiar with, I may not have gone. Being a Rewards Member gives you access to options you don't know you have.  
The You Are Here campaign is very much about being present, being in the moment regardless of where you are in the world. You get such an individual feeling, particularly with the Marriott hotels where you're immersed in this amazing kind of world. You Are Here really represents enjoying the place you're in.

Written Text

Marriott's New Portfolio Marketing Initiative 
Stars Its Members 
And Tells Their Stories 
The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman 
Corioli S. 
Marriott Rewards Member 
Marine Archaeologist 
The JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa 
Morenkia G. 
Marriott Rewards Member 
Art Enthusiast 
You Are Here 
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