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Marmite Commercial (2016)

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Marmite Commercial

Fall 2016
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Plot / Description

"Marmite M.O.N.D.A.Y.S." 
The threat is very real, but the UK is not yet aware of just how badly the country is set to suffer from 'The Mondays' should we not begin to address the problem immediately. Therefore, in its first move, the Ministry of Marmite has issued a 1970s inspired Public Information style film that highlights 'The Mondays' and symptoms to look out for - all of which can be cured by eating Marmite on toast. 
Symptoms of The Mondays are as follows and should be monitored closely: 
* Monotony 
* Overtired 
* Negativity 
* Dilly-Dallying 
* AHHHHHHH-gitated 
* Yawn-y 
Do you, or someone you know, suffer from The M.O.N.D.A.Y.S.? Watch this video to find out how Marmite at breakfast can help you overcome this hideous and utterly fictitious epidemic. Share and tag your friends with #MarmiteMondays and for more info on the cure visit


This Ministry of Marmite public information broadcast is designed to help you, yes you, protect yourself from The MONDAYS. 
To avoid this totally terrifying fully fictitious malody, the following symptoms should be identified as soon as possible. 
* When every week starts the same, that sense of the over and over and over and over and over. The letter M is for monotony. 
* Eyelids feel heavy and close involuntarily. O is for overtired. 
* For even the happiest families, N is for negativity. When any conversation becomes a confrontation. 
* D is for dilly-dallying. Light on. Light off. Is anyone at home? You've got the Mondays. 
* A is AHHHHHHH-gitated! When even plastic bricks on soft toys make you scowl. Open mouths and closed eyes. Two clear signs that you've become Yawn-y. You will quickly become confused and prone to foolish mistakes. 
If you recognize any of these symptoms, a dose of Marmite at breakfast will ensure a speedy recovery. Now doesn't that feel better?

Written Text

The Ministry of Marmite 
A public safety film from The Ministry of Marmite 
For more information about THE MONDAYS or to buy a personalised jar of Marmite visit 
Hate Mondays 
Love Marmite