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30 Days In LA, and Red Bull Sound Select Commercial (2016)

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30 Days In LA, and Red Bull Sound Select Commercial

Fall 2016
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Plot / Description

Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 30 Days in LA is returning this November! Follow along as Blake Griffin takes his off-season to soul search and find the meaning of music and life alongside fellow Angelenos 
"Blake Griffin’s Path to Musical Bliss | 30 Days in LA"


Well done. Very well done. You are all learning, and learning is the first step. And when you step, make sure you're stepping in the right direction. Isn't that right, Victor? Visions. Let's talk about visions. What visions do you have? Yes, Squeaky. Speak. 
I-I see a snap story with no beginning, middle or end.  
Yeah. The earth is endless and bountiful. I like what you did there, let's... 
What about juice?! Nobody talks about juice anymore!  
Ah, juice. It's like water's funny best friend. Who doesn't come around often, but when he does, it packs a punch. Punch. It's kind of a juice. It's, uh, more tropical. 
Stay cleansed, sister. Stay cleansed.  
I think I'm having a vision! 
Please. Share with the group. 
I'm seeing...I'm seeing Snakehips. I'm seeing Haim. 
I'm seeing River Tiber. 
I am seeing Pusha T. 
I'm also seeing AlunaGeorge! 
Nick Murphy! 
Charlie XCX. 
Bob Moses! 
I wanna see YG! 
Enough! OK. Everybody lean in. Each of you are on your own journey, and I respect that. I respect that a lot. We've come here today for a common goal. And that is unity through transcendence. Unlocking a higher plain of consciousness. All that means is go see more music live in person, 30 Days in LA. It's not rocket science. We'll see you at the shows.  
I have a question. 
If I miss my chance to buy the tickets, does the festival even exist? 
There will be limits to every journey, but come on. Tickets are on sale now at 
We all have a place in the universe! 
That's right, brothers and sisters. Be one with the music. Remember, you can do anything.

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Red Bull Sound Select 
30 Days In LA