AT&T Commercial (2010)

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AT&T Commercial

Spring/Summer 2010
Genres: Services
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Plot / Description

The commercial begins with a from from inside an apartment in a big city. There are toys on the window sill. Out the window you see a monster that looks like it was drawn by a child and cut out of a giant piece of paper. Another scene shows a man riding a bike with paper fish "swimming" behind him, and then a paper train comes from the other direction and turns the corner. From behind a delivery truck several paper rocket ships launch into the air. One of the rockets flies past a large paper stick figure holding onto a building. A paper UFO then flies up to the original monster (a piece of bread/toast/sandwich with a face?) who is frowning, and shoots him with lightning (which for some reason causes him to start smiling). We then see a three-eyed purple monster walking in an intersection as a bus chases him. A paper robot walks out from behind a building. We then see a man sitting on a bench and the voiceover starts. The three-eyed purple monster peeks over the side of a building at the man.


(Pure Imagination playing in the background) 
Remember when you were five (5)? When anything was possible? Happy fifth (5th) birthday again.

Written Text

AT&T Rethink Possible