Poise Commercial (2011)

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Poise Commercial

Spring/Summer 2011
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Plot / Description

This commercial features Whoopi Goldberg dressed up in various costumes including, Cleopatra (Egyptian), Cousin It (or some other completely hair-covered creature), Mona Lisa, the princess and the pea sitting on top of a pile of mattresses, and the Statue of Liberty.


Whoopi Goldberg: 
I have a secret. I leak. Somebody would give me a bit of a tickle, and then the next thing you know, I make a pssss. A little spritz, you know what I mean? One in three women have this issue. Young women, middle aged women, old ladies, and my sister said, "Have you ever heard of Poise?" I said, "Poise, what the heck is Poise?" If I had ____, let me know you what I would have looked like. Uh huh! 
Every woman deserves a great pad. Poise liners are specifically designed for light bladder leakage. Stay comfortably dry with Poise.

Written Text

Every great woman deserves a great pad. 
Poise Liners 
Designed for LBL (Light Bladder Leakage) 
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