Pampers Commercial (2011)

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Pampers Commercial

Spring/Summer 2011
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Plot / Description

This commercial features a montage of moms, dads, and babies. The idea is that no matter where they came from, what circumstances they came from, whether they were early, late, planned, or unplanned, every baby is a little miracle. 
We see images of ultrasounds, pregnant brides, premature babies, surrogate mothers, teen moms, in vitro fertilization under a microscope, new parents at an airport bringing their adopted baby home, a baby with Downss Syndrome, a set of triplets, a father holding his newborn, a mixed race couple with a baby, an infant with he grandparents, other grandparents seeing their grandchild for the first time through video phone, a woman having a water birth in a pool, and numerous images of newborns sleeping, smiling, or crying.


Pampers - for every little miracle.

Written Text

Whether he's planned or not. 
Whether she's 3 months early or 10 years late. 
Whether he has a young mom or a surrogate. 
Whether she's through IVF (in vitro fertilization) or adoption. 
Whether she has special needs or a lot of needs. 
Whether she learns one language or two. 
Whether his family is close by or far away. 
However it happens Pampers believes every baby is a little miracle to celebrate, support, and protect.  
Pampers - for every little miracle.