Farmers Insurance Commercial (2011)

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Farmers Insurance Commercial

Summer 2011
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Plot / Description

This commercial begins at the fictional "University of Farmers" where a class is being taught on distracted driving. To illustrate the point, the instructor (J. K. Simmons) uses a simulation with a man "driving" while music is playing, cell phones are ringing, food is being shoved into his mouth, and lipstick is being put on his face. Later a guy in a Hawaiian shirt jumps in and starts dancing, the car crashes, and the airbags deploy.


Distracted driving - it accounts for 25% of car crashes. Music, cell phones, food... the list goes on. 
This is why safe driving is so important.  
And it's why the best agents help get the safest drivers lower rates. 
We are insurance. 
We are Farmers, ba ba da ba bum bum bum.

Written Text

University of Farmers Est. MCMXXVIII (1928) 
Farmers Insurance Group 
Farmers - Auto, Home, Life, Business