Temptations Commercial (2012)

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Temptations Commercial

Summer/Fall 2012
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Plot / Description

A man, Charlie, is walking through an office when a woman steps out of an office, asking if Charlie is coming to the meeting. She looks at Charlie's feet and comments on how she likes his furry boots. Charlie tells the woman that those aren't boots, but instead are his cats. Another shot of Charlie's feet show that he has two fuzzy cats wrapped around each of Charlie's legs, looking up at him, meowing for more Tempations cat treats.


Coming to the meeting Charlie? 
I guess. 
Ooh, I like your boots. 
They're not boots, they're my cats. 
Ha ha ha ha ha. 
Once you shake 'em, you can't shake 'em. Crunchy outside, soft, meaty flavor inside. Temptations treats. Once you shake 'em, you can't shake 'em.

Written Text

Only 2 calories per treat 
Tasty Chicken Flavor 
Once you shake 'em, you can't shake 'em.