Walgreens Commercial (2012)

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Walgreens Commercial

Summer/Fall 2012
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Plot / Description

This commercial for Walgreens Pharmacy, begins with black and white footage of the first Walgreens drug store, many years ago. The commercial shows how the pharmacy has changed over the years from a time when chocolate malts were served at the food counter, to providing special services for members of the armed forces to today, where there are drive-thru lanes and smartphone apps.


On one corner, one pharmacist started it all. Charles Walgreen had a mission: to help people be happy and healthy. From inventing the first chocolate malt, to creating a non-profit pharmacy for our troops, to the first child-safety caps. Walgreens has been innovating for over a hundred years, and we're just getting started with more and more ways to be well every day. Here at the corner of Happy and Healthy.

Written Text

At the corner of happy & healthy