H&M Commercial (2012 - 2013)

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H&M Commercial

Fall/Winter 2012
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Plot / Description

"Divided Grey - The Grey Concept" 
This commercial shows a bunch of guys and girls wearing mostly black clothes. They have a bit of a punk or neo-punk style and many of them have partially shaved heads. 
Previously Divided Grey was for guys only, now H&M is launching a collection for girls too. The Grey Concept will be available in selected stores and online on November 1.


I got the microphone on my lips 
Shake my hips and do the tricks 
You know I'm gonna hit it every time 
I knock that wicket - yeah 
I come around with the rhymin' skills 
Knowin' that I got all the different kinds of sergeants with their army drills 
Oh yeah with the CD Stomper up there 
Sittin' with a ticker on top 
You know that it's gonna drop 
Woo woo woowoo

Written Text