Microsoft Commercial for Microsoft Windows 8 (2012 - 2013)

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Microsoft Commercial for Microsoft Windows 8

Fall/Winter 2012
Genres: Electronics
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Plot / Description

"Windows 8: Sign in with a Smile" 
This commercial showcases one of the new features available in Windows 8 - Picture Password. Instead of typing a password, or trying to enter it on a virtual popup keyboard on your tough device, you can draw a secret series of lines and circles on a picture to unlock your device. The commercial shows people doing this including someone drawing a circle and antenna on a kid wearing an astronaut costume, while another person draws a pattern on an image of two people standing on a rock with their arms and legs outstretched. Another person finishes a game of tic-tac-toe on a picture with kids who have drawn the game board in chalk on the ground. Other people use a picture of a girl ice skating, someone diving, a baby being thrown in the air, a cat, a stuffed bear, a penguin, a guy kissing a girl on the cheek, a little girl yelling, two girls and their pigtails,


you and me at the edge of the world  
with a pretty little smile for me to see  
new bright whites and a cage full of ice  
and a naked little canopy to feed my disease  
and if you're to smile at me

Written Text

Start, Samsung, Welcome 
Picture Password 
Picture yours. 
Windows 8