Sprint Commercial (2012 - 2013)

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Sprint Commercial

Winter 2012
Genres: Services
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Plot / Description

"Say No to Sharing - Data Coach" 
This commercial features a family that is using a shared cell phone data plan. Because they all have to share it and they have kids, the dad constantly has to yell at his kids (and wife) about using too much of their share of the data. He decides to hire a "Data Coach" to teach them how to do things. From that point on, the data coach catches the wife and kids using data and he stops them while yelling "No". It doesn't matter if they are hiding in the car or taking a jog - the coach finds them. He even catches and stops the dad one night and then comes in to their bedroom because he needs a place to sleep.


Who's that? 
That's our data coach. Dad says he's going to divvy up our data plan before it bleeds him dry. 
He's living with us. 
Ne, ne, ne 
I sleep here, yes? 
Say no to sharing. Say yes to Sprint with truly unlimited data. No sharing required. 
(Lyrics - in Swedish) 
En jæger gik at jage, 
en jæger gik at jage, 
en jæger gik at jage 
alt ud i skoven grøn. 
Er du med på jo, 
er du med på ja, 
er du med på tra-la-la?

Written Text

Say no to sharing. 
Say yes to Sprint. 
Sprint truly unlimited data. 
No sharing required.