Kleenex Commercial for Kleenex Balsam (2012 - 2013)

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Kleenex Commercial for Kleenex Balsam

Winter 2012

Plot / Description

This commercial shows several people - man and woman, young and old - who are sick with a cold. A man gets up and puts on fuzzy pink slippers and shuffles to the couch to lay down. He blows his nose with a thick, dry piece of paper and it makes him more uncomfortable that he already is. A girl wipes her nose with the same type of "tissue", and then collapses on her bed. Then we see a little girl doing something similar to everyone else, but then her mom brings in some soft Kleenex with Balsam which makes the girl smile. At the end, the girls is feeling better, and is even wiping her dog's nose with the tissues.


When you're looking for a bit of comfort during a cold, it's easy to forget your nose. Give a little extra care with Kleenex Balsam. Its soothing balm helps protect the skin on your nose. Ease the pain of winter with Kleenex Balsam. 
You will be the one you see 
I'm the only one

Written Text

Kleenex Balsam 
Always there. Always Kleenex.