Buick Commercial for Buick Verano (2012 - 2013)

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Buick Commercial for Buick Verano

Winter 2012
Genres: Vehicles

Plot / Description

"Buick Verano Holiday Event" 
This commercial shows a family of four who all got Segways for Christmas riding out in their driveway and enjoying their new presents. When a new Buick Verano drives by, they are all jealous and aren't quite as excited about their gifts any more. After it drives by, the family looks at the dad and then backs away from him on their Segway.


For those who got this season's most tech-savvy way to travel - the Buick Verano with Blue Tooth and Intellilink standard - enjoy. To those who got something else - well, there's still time. 
Bom bom bom bom 
Oooo oooooo 
It will be lonely this Christmas without you

Written Text

Buick Verano 
BlueTooth & Intellilink