Commercial for Comcast Xfinity (2013)

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Commercial for Comcast Xfinity

Winter/Spring 2013
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Plot / Description

This commercial for Comcast Xfinity begins with a man sitting on his couch, signing up on his laptop for Comcast Xfinity service - which is easy. Something that is not easy, is a man who is trying to un-beach a whale at the ocean. Getting a great offer for Comcast service online is easy, but setting up a tent in howling wind and pouring rain is hard. Things that are hard: A robot, wearing a foam #1 finger tries to get through a metal detector at an airport. Trying to blow up a bouncy castle manually, while kids wait to play is hard. A woman in labor in the hospital. A man angrily tries to start his lawnmower. Sasquatch lies on a table, getting his chest hair waxed.


Signing up for Xfinity at This is easy. Unbeaching a whale. This is hard. Getting the best offer online. Easy. Setting up a tent. Hard. Scheduling your two-hour appointment window. Easy. Hard. Easy. Hard. Hard. Easy. Hard. Hard. Easy. Go to Now just a few minutes gets you the best offer on Xfinity.

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The future of awesome