SodaStream Commercial (2012 - 2013)

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SodaStream Commercial

Winter 2012
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Plot / Description

"The SodaStream Effect" 
This commercial shows a lovely brunette in a bikini swimming up to the side of the pool and pressing down on her SodaStream machine making a fresh bottle of carbonated soda at home. As soon as she does, at some cola factory, several plastic bottles disappear signifying that the woman just removed that waste from the environment by making her own pop at home. Later, a boy smacks the top of his SodaStream maker and multiple shelves of soda disappear with a pop from a warehouse. Each time someone uses the re-usable device, less garbage is produced by traditional soda manufacturers.


With SodaStream, you can save 2000 bottles a year. If you love the bubbles, set them free.

Written Text

Set the bubbles free 
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