Applebee's Commercial (2013)

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Applebee's Commercial

Winter/Spring 2013
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Plot / Description

"Tasting is Believing" 
This commercial shows people eating at Applebee's. They are skeptical about how something that is only 550 calories can taste good, but once they take a bit, their reactions are a bit odd. One guy shouts "I can dig it", but some guys jump up and start dancing to an old school hip-hop song by The Sugar Hill Gang.


Is it possible Applebee's new entrees are full of flavor and under 550 calories each? 
Ha, I'll believe it when I taste it. I believe it. 
I can dig it. 
Okay, a bit of an over-reaction, but... uh oh, what now? Ah, the old great-taste-under-550-calories flashmob hit. Yeesh! The new Zesty Roma Chicken and Shrimp and Roasted Garlic Sirloin. Under 550 calories starting at just $9.99. See you tomorrow, late night for half-price apps.

Written Text

Unbelievably great tasting under 550 calories 
New Zesty Roma Chicken & Shrimp 
Roasted Garlic Sirloin 
Applebee's new under 550 calorie entrees starting at $9.99 
See you tomorrow. 
1/2 price apps late night