Nicorette Commercial (2013)

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Nicorette Commercial

Winter/Spring 2013
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Plot / Description

A woman is sitting in her car, waiting for backed up traffic to move. She looks to another car and sees a man lighting a cigarette. The woman reaches into a compartment in her car to get a piece of Nicorette gum. A small, miniature band plays the song 'I Just Want to Celebrate' as she chews her gum, calming her craving for a cigarette.


Traffic is backed up, there's an accident on the freeway that hasn't been cleared yet, and everyone is stopping to look.  
(Lyrics) I just want to celebrate another day of winning 
I just want to celebrate 
Every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. Nicorette gum helps boost your willpower by calming your cravings and making you less irritable. So you can quit one cigarette at a time until you reach your goal.

Written Text

Nicorette gum 
Quit one cigarette at a time with Nicorette gum