DirecTV Commercial (2013)

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DirecTV Commercial

Winter/Spring 2013
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Plot / Description

"DIRECTV - What's Cable Worse Than? Upgrade & Record 5 Shows at Once" 
This commercial shows two men trying to watch TV when a "Recording Conflict" message pops up on their screen. They start to talk about things that are less annoying than cable such as: 
* Going to the dentist and having him sneeze in your mouth while it's being held open by a dental appliance. 
* Getting bitten on the finger by a giant tortoise at the zoo. 
One of the guys tells the other than he needs to upgrade to DirecTV to get their Genie DVR which is represented by a beautiful woman who snaps her fingers to make shows record without conflict. They then talk about things that DirecTV is better than such as: 
* Riding a dirt bike while a hot woman weilding a flaming crossbow shoots into the air creating a flaming tiger explosion.


I'm sick of this thing popping up. 
I know. Cable's more annoying than... 
I shouldn't have to stop watching a show or cancel a recording. Cable's worse than... AHHHHHH! 
Totally. You need to upgrade to DirecTV and get the new Genie. She lets you record five shows at once. 
Wow. DirecTV is better than... 
Record 5 shows at once with the new DirecTV Genie. Call 1-800-DIRECTV

Written Text

Recording Conflict 
Unable to record 7:00pm, Ch. 749 "Hit the Switches" 
Cancel 7:00pm, Ch. 708 "Pencil Pushers" 
Cancel 7:00pm, Ch. 738 "The Sorcerer's Club" 
Hit the Switches 
Taken 2 
Pencil Pushers 
Texas Talent Show 
Diva Dentists 
Magical Tales 
Record 5 shows at once 
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