Coca-Cola Commercial (2013)

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Coca-Cola Commercial

Winter/Spring 2013
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Plot / Description

"Coke Chase - Super Bowl 2013 Teaser" 
This commercial begins with a man and his camels in the desert. The man sees a giant bottle of Coke in the distance and is refreshed just thinking about having a sip. Out of nowhere, a group of cowboys appears along with a group of "badlander" thugs, followed by a bus full of Vegas showgirls. Each group is racing to be the first to the Coca-Cola bottle in the middle of the desert. Each of them will use any dirty trick to win. The show girls fire a cannon of confetti and glitter at one of the cowboys, while a cowboy throws his hat into the motorcycle wheel of one of the badlanders. The group reach what they thought was the Coke bottle, but it was just a sign saying the real bottle is still 50 miles away. The race continues Super Bowl Sunday...

Written Text

50 miles ahead 
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