Hyundai Commercial for Hyundai Santa Fe (2013)

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Hyundai Commercial for Hyundai Santa Fe

Winter/Spring 2013
Genres: Vehicles
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Plot / Description

"2013 Hyundai Santa Fe - Super Bowl 2013 | Team (Extended)" 
This Super Bowl XLVII commercial begins with a boy tossing a football into the air by himself. A bully comes up and steals the ball from him, and tells him to come back when he has a team to play some real football. The kid decides that's a good idea and runs home and has his mom drive him around to collect his friends for his team. The first is a set of red headed twins who are pumping iron in their driveway. They hop in the mom's Hyundai Santa Fe and soon they are on to the next location. In a warehouse, a young boy is welding, but happily takes off his welding helmet to join his friends football team. Next, they drive out to a farm where a boy is wrestling a bear (and winning), followed by a boy who is carrying out an adult from a burning building. All seven of them drive back to the park and confront the bullies.


Boy: Hey, give it back. 
Bully: Come back when you have a team. 
Boy: Okay. 
Bully: Touch or tackle... 
Boy and Friends: Tackle. 
Announcer: Gather your team. The new 7 passenger Santa Fe from Hyundai. 
Bang your head 
Metal health'll drive you mad 
Mental health'll drive you mad

Written Text

New Thinking. 
New Possibilities.