McDonald's Commercial for McDonald's Fish McBites (2013)

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McDonald's Commercial for McDonald's Fish McBites

Winter/Spring 2013

Plot / Description

This commercial for McDonald's new Fish McBites features the wall decor of the mounted, singing fish. This time, he has company, with a plaque of smaller fish, the backup singers. The group, called Frankie the Fish and the Frankettes, sings together about the Fish McBites in a song titled, "Fishy Fishy". 
"Fish McBites: Little Fishy Fishy"


Hey, what are those? 
McDonald's new Fish McBites.  
Fishy, fishy. 
Fish, fish McBites, McBites. 
Fish, fish McBites, McBites. 
Fishy, fishy. 
Fish McBites are succulent and breaded to perfection. 
So take a tip from Mickey D's and get you, get, get, get you some. 
The delicious Alaskan Pollock fish you love, only smaller. New Fish McBites. Only at McDonald's.  
Unlike us, they're not gonna hang around for long. 
More fish fun to love. Ba-da-da-da-da.

Written Text

Fish McBites 
i'm lovin' it 
Fishy fishy 
Fishie fishie 
Fishey fishey