AT&T Commercial (2013)

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AT&T Commercial

Winter/Spring 2013
Genres: Services
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Plot / Description

"AT&T TV Commercial - It's Not Complicated - Dizzy" 
This commercial features the AT&T guy (Beck Bennett) sitting around a tiny child's table with several young children. He asks them if doing two things at one is better than doing one thing. They kids loudly answer that obviously 2 is better than 1. One boy shows off that he can shake his head an hand at the same time. A little girl wants to show what she can do at the same time, but the man tells her to wait because he is amazed by the boy.


Guy: What's better, doing two things at once, or just one? 
Kids: Two! Two! 2! Two! 
Guy: You sure? 
Girl #1: I am absolutely positive. 
Boy: Two times is awesome. The thing I can do is wave my head, and wave my hand. 
Guy: That's amazing. I've never seen anything like that. 
Girl #2: Look, I can... 
Guy: Hold on, I'm watching this. 
Boy: I'm getting dizzy. 
Announcer: It's not complicated. Doing two things at once is better, and only AT&T's network lets you talk and surf on iPhone 5.

Written Text

Doing two things at once is better. 
Only AT&T's network lets you talk and surf on iPhone  
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