Purina, and Purina Cat Chow Commercial (2013)

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Purina, and Purina Cat Chow Commercial

Summer 2013

Plot / Description

Purina Cat Chow celebrates 50 Years of being in great relationships. Everything is better with a cat by your side to share all the ups and downs. We're honored to be part of the life you share with your cat. Our latest commercial underlines the fact that while a lot of things may have changed over the past 50 years, one thing has remained the same; cats are always there for us. 
"Purina Cat Chow 50th Anniversary Commercial"


Purina Cat Chow. Fifty years of feeding great relationships. 
(Lyrics) You know you mean the world to me 
I can't think of a better thing than growing old with you 
You know I need you by my side 
And everything seems better now with you here in my life

Written Text

Purina Cat Chow 
50 Years 
Always There For You 
Your Pet, Our Passion