Swiffer Commercial for Swiffer Sweeper (2013)

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Swiffer Commercial for Swiffer Sweeper

Summer/Fall 2013

Plot / Description

"How Much Dirt Can You Manufacture? - Swiffer Sweeper" 
This commercial shows an old couple using Swiffer products for the first time after Swiffer leaves a box of their products on the doorstep. The woman thinks her house is clean and is surprised at how much dirt she can pick up with the Swiffer Sweeper.


Woman: Six children. Forty four years. 
Man: It's been a happy union. 
Woman: He does laundry and I do the cleaning. 
Man: There's only two of us. How much dirt can we manufacture? Very little. 
Woman: More than you think. Let's have a look, Morty. 
Man: It's a sweeper. What's that. 
Woman: Well, we'll find out. It goes under all the way to the back wall. I came in under the assumption that it was clean. I've been living in a fool's paradise. 
Man: Oh boy. 
Woman: There you go. Morty just summed it up. The next 44 years will be fine.

Written Text

Enjoy your clean start, kids. 
Swiffer Sweeper