Fiat Commercial for Fiat 500L (2013)

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Fiat Commercial for Fiat 500L

Summer/Fall 2013
Genres: Vehicles

Plot / Description

The Fiat 500L races along the bottom of the ocean, with Orcas (Killer whales) and stingrays swimming above it. When the rainbow of colors of Fiat 500Ls surface onto the beach, a party is already in full swing. The bikini clad girls start shouting "Ow!" and grabbing their backsides in pain. The 500L can seat four passengers, five if you include the rear-end pinching crab. 
"Crab" | Official FIAT 500L commercial


Something big is coming. Big and powerful. Big and beautiful. Introducing the Fiat 500L. Big enough for 4 passengers. Or even 5. The four door Fiat 500L.

Written Text

MSRP $19,900