Foot Locker Commercial (2013 - 2014)

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Foot Locker Commercial

Fall/Winter 2013
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Plot / Description

James Harden is coming off the best year of his career. He's taking things to the next level by cutting an R&B album. Luckily, Stephen Curry is there to let him know he can also get to the next level with fresh #Approved Nike gear from Foot Locker. 
"Foot Locker - Harden Soul feat. James Harden and Stephen Curry"


James, please don't do this. 
I just had the best year of my career. I gotta keep things fresh. 
Well then let's just go to Foot Locker. They got all the fresh new gear. 
But I have real talent. 
Can I get a playback? 
(Lyrics) I wear my shirt open so you see my chest 
Girl, I work so hard and to be with you 
Is that, is that me?

Written Text

Just go to Foot Locker 
Foot Locker