Little Caesars Pizza Commercial for Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready Pizza (2014)

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Plot / Description

Four slices of DEEP!DEEP! Dish and a Pepsi are for you. HOT-N-READY for five bucks and this is what you do: bite, bite, sip, sip, that's the deep dish combo. FOR LUNCH! (+tax at participating locations). 


(Lyrics) It's lunchtime, you're hungry 
We know how you feel 
Your mouth wants Little Caesars 
And your wallet wants a deal 
Four slices of Deep Deep Dish and a soda are for you 
Hot and Ready for five bucks 
And this is what you do 
Bite bite, sip sip 
That's what makes the combo 
Bite bite, sip sip 
Do the Deep Deep Dish Combo Mambo 
For lunch 
Pizza pizza.

Written Text

Little Caesars 
Lunch 11-2PM