Old Navy Commercial for Old Navy Pixie Pants (2014)

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Old Navy Commercial for Old Navy Pixie Pants

Spring 2014
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Plot / Description

Amy Poehler stars in this commercial for Old Navy's new Pixie Pants.  
Right now at Old Navy: get super-stretch Pixie Pants in 13 colors and patterns for just twenty-five dollars. 
"Meet the Pixie Pant"


Jonathan, my dog needs to go to yoga and then go to his therapist, so make that happen. Don't sit down. Where did you get those amazing pants? 
Oh, I got them at Old Navy.  
Can you spin please? 
Double time. 
Again? Sure. Are all these questions gonna be about my pants? 
Uh, this is a law firm, so yes. Tell me about your shirt. 
It came for free with the pants.  
You know, I don't like when people lie to me. 
It's true. 
How much are the pants? 
Twenty-five dollars. 
But not for long. 
Congratulations whatever your name is, you got the job! La la la! Make sure to lock up on your way out! Move! Sorry!

Written Text

Meet the new 
Pixie Pant 
In Dozens Of Colors & Patterns 
+ Free Tee 
Old Navy 
San Francisco, California