M&M's, and GEICO Commercial (2014)

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M&M's, and GEICO Commercial

Spring 2014
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Plot / Description

Ms. Brown finds out that getting insurance is pretty hard when you're an irresistible piece of chocolate. Watch the latest M&M'S® commercial. 
"M&M'S® "15 Minutes" Commercial"


Yes, I understand the fact that being made out of delicious chocolate makes me high risk for insurance companies. But I still believe I deserve coverage. And furthermore, I have been here for 15 minutes, which means, well, you know.  
Um, GEICO only insures humans. Insuring a delicious piece of chocolate, I'd lose my job for that. And then what would I do? 
What, what? Guess what day it is? 
Save it, hump boy.

Written Text

chocolate's better with m