Commercial for Miller Lite (2014)

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Commercial for Miller Lite

Spring/Summer 2014
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Plot / Description

This commercial for Miller Lite beer is a brief history of the original light beer - Miller Lite. 
"Six Pack"


Miller invented Light beer. The original 96 calorie Pilsner and that changed everything. This lead to people counting calories, which led to counting carbs, which led to counting crunches, which led to 8 minute abs, which led to 7 minute abs, which led to ab-masters, thigh-masters and butt-masters. Which led to the realization that the best place to get a six-pack is the liquor store. Miller Lite. We invented Lite beer and the perfect six-pack. You're welcome.

Written Text

A Fine Pislner Beer 
The Original And Still The Best 
It's Miller Time