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Title Type Year
Blossom Blast Saga (Video Game)Blossom Blast SagaVideo Game?
Clash of Kings (Video Game)Clash of KingsVideo Game?
Hatsune Miku (Video Game Series)Hatsune MikuVideo Game Series?
Counterinsurgence 2 (Video Game)Counterinsurgence 2Video Game?
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (Video Game)StarCraft II: Wings of LibertyVideo Game?
PokePark (Video Game Series)PokeParkVideo Game Series?
Puzzle League (Video Game Series)Puzzle LeagueVideo Game Series?
Pokemon Stadium (Video Game Series)Pokemon StadiumVideo Game Series?
Pokemon Trozei (Video Game Series)Pokemon TrozeiVideo Game Series?
Pokemon Rumble (Video Game Series)Pokemon RumbleVideo Game Series?
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Video Game Series)Pokemon Mystery DungeonVideo Game Series?
Pokemon Ranger (Video Game Series)Pokemon RangerVideo Game Series?
Beat Sports (Video Game)Beat SportsVideo Game?
Game of War: Fire Age (Video Game)Game of War: Fire AgeVideo Game?
Vainglory (Video Game)VaingloryVideo Game?
The Darkness II (Video Game)The Darkness IIVideo Game?
FIFA Street (Video Game Series)FIFA StreetVideo Game Series?
Cut The Rope 2 (Video Game)Cut The Rope 2Video Game?
Smash Hit (Video Game)Smash HitVideo Game?
Resident Evil (Video Game Series)Resident EvilVideo Game Series?
Kingdom Hearts (Video Game)Kingdom HeartsVideo Game?
Sunset Overdrive (Video Game)Sunset OverdriveVideo Game?
Mirror's Edge 2 (Video Game)Mirror's Edge 2Video Game?
Superbad (Video Game)SuperbadVideo Game?
Midnight Club LA Remix (Video Game)Midnight Club LA RemixVideo Game?
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