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Title Category Release Date
NHL 14 (2013) (Video Game)NHL 14GameVideo Game2013
Asphalt 8: AIrborne (2013) (Video Game)Asphalt 8: AIrborneGameVideo Game2013
Saints Row IV (2013) (Video Game)Saints Row IVGameVideo Game2013
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (2013) (Video Game)The Bureau: XCOM DeclassifiedGameVideo Game2013
NCAA Football 14 (2013) (Video Game)NCAA Football 14GameVideo Game2013
The Last of Us (2013) (Video Game)The Last of UsGameVideo Game2013
Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013) (Video Game)Injustice: Gods Among UsGameVideo Game2013
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 (2013) (Video Game)Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14GameVideo Game2013
Gears of War: Judgment (2013) (Video Game)Gears of War: JudgmentGameVideo Game2013
God of War: Ascension (2013) (Video Game)God of War: AscensionGameVideo Game2013
MLB 13: The Show (2013) (Video Game)MLB 13: The ShowGameVideo Game2013
BioShock Infinite (2013) (Video Game)BioShock InfiniteGameVideo Game2013
Dead Space 3 (2013) (Video Game)Dead Space 3GameVideo Game2013
Mercenary Kings (2013) (Video Game)Mercenary KingsGameVideo Game2013
Madden NFL 25 (2013) (Video Game)Madden NFL 25GameVideo Game2013
BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea (2013) (Video Game)BioShock Infinite: Burial At SeaGameVideo Game2013
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (2013) (Video Game)Hotline Miami 2: Wrong NumberGameVideo Game2013
Sonic Lost World (2013) (Video Game)Sonic Lost WorldGameVideo Game2013
Wolfenstein: The New Order (2013) (Video Game)Wolfenstein: The New OrderGameVideo Game2013
Battlefield 4 (2013) (Video Game)Battlefield 4GameVideo Game2013
Grand Theft Auto V (2013) (Video Game)Grand Theft Auto VGameVideo Game2013
Sing Party (2012) (Video Game)Sing PartyGameVideo Game2012
Ben 10: Omniverse (2012) (Video Game)Ben 10: OmniverseGameVideo Game2012
The Hip Hop Dance Experience (2012) (Video Game)The Hip Hop Dance ExperienceGameVideo Game2012
Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified (2012) (Video Game)Call of Duty: Black Ops: DeclassifiedGameVideo Game2012
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