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Adidas Commercial for Adidas Originals (2016) (Television Commercial)Adidas Commercial for Adidas OriginalsTelevision Commercial2015 - 2016
Bacardi Commercial (2015 - 2016) (Television Commercial)Bacardi CommercialTelevision Commercial2015 - 2016
EDEKA Commercial (2015 - 2016) (Television Commercial)EDEKA CommercialTelevision Commercial2015 - 2016
Amazon Commercial for Amazon Prime Now (2016) (Television Commercial)Amazon Commercial for Amazon Prime NowTelevision Commercial2016
Ford Commercial for Ford Fusion (2015 - 2016) (Television Commercial)Ford Commercial for Ford FusionTelevision Commercial2015 - 2016
Nintendo Commercial for Nintendo Switch (2016 - present) (Television Commercial)Nintendo Commercial for Nintendo SwitchTelevision Commercial2016 - 2017
Xfinity Commercial (2016) (Television Commercial)Xfinity CommercialTelevision Commercial2016
Commercial for Gears of War 4 (2016) (Television Commercial)Commercial for Gears of War 4Television Commercial2016
Indian Summer (Song) by Jai WolfIndian Summer
performed by Jai Wolf
Verizon Wireless Commercial for Apple iPhone 6 (2014) (Television Commercial)Verizon Wireless Commercial for Apple iPhone 6Television Commercial2014
PetSmart Commercial (2016) (Television Commercial)PetSmart CommercialTelevision Commercial2016
Toyota Commercial for Toyota Corolla (2016 - present) (Television Commercial)Toyota Commercial for Toyota CorollaTelevision Commercial2016 - 2017
Flash Commercial (2016) (Television Commercial)Flash CommercialTelevision Commercial2016
Slim Jim Commercial (2016) (Television Commercial)Slim Jim CommercialTelevision Commercial2016
Jacob's Commercial for Jacob's Flatbreads (2016) (Television Commercial)Jacob's Commercial for Jacob's FlatbreadsTelevision Commercial2016
Subaru Commercial for Subaru Outback (2016) (Television Commercial)Subaru Commercial for Subaru OutbackTelevision Commercial2016
Acura Commercial for Acura MDX (2016) (Television Commercial)Acura Commercial for Acura MDXTelevision Commercial2016
Bounce Commercial (2016) (Television Commercial)Bounce CommercialTelevision Commercial2016
Gatorade Commercial (2016) (Television Commercial)Gatorade CommercialTelevision Commercial2016
Sleep Number Commercial (2016) (Television Commercial)Sleep Number CommercialTelevision Commercial2016
Crank It (Woah!) (2016) (Song) by George Kwali, Kideko, Nadia Rose,  and Sweetie IrieCrank It (Woah!)
performed by George Kwali, Kideko; features Nadia Rose, Sweetie Irie
Progressive Commercial (2016) (Television Commercial)Progressive CommercialTelevision Commercial2016
Din Daa Daa (1983) (Song) by George KranzDin Daa Daa
performed by George Kranz
GEICO Commercial (2016 - present) (Television Commercial)GEICO CommercialTelevision Commercial2016 - 2017
Jeep Commercial for Super Bowl 50 2016 (2016) (Television Commercial)Jeep Commercial for Super Bowl 50 2016Television Commercial2015 - 2016
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