To our readers who enjoy Jason Mamoa in a bubble bath and/or general fans of the 2020 Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl LIV commercial...

We are sorry to inform you that the book Standing in Front of a Sunset by Michael Corbeille is simply a generic romance novel prop created for this Super Bowl ad. Michael Corbeille is the Executive Creative Director for Quicken Loans which is the parent company of Rocket Mortgage. Maybe someday he'll let us in on the secret of what Jason Mamoa thinks of as "juicy". We'd like to know for research purposes.

Also, does anyone else notice that the guy on the book cover appears to be Mamoa too?

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Quicken Loans Commercial for Rocket Mortgage and Super Bowl LIV 2020 - Jason Momoa Super Bowl Teaser #2

This Television Commercial shows Standing in Front of a Sunset written by Michael Corbeille

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