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Kmart would like you to know that this is NOT A CHRISTMAS COMMERCIAL. It's way too early for that. But say, for example, your entire family is having their birthday on the same day in late December... Kmart Layaway would be perfect for that: "Kmart Not a Christmas Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hello, America. It's too early for Christmas. So just to be clear, this is not a Christmas commercial. However, let's say you have an event in late December that you need a lot of gifts for. Like maybe your entire family is having a birthday on the same day. Now's the time to go to Kmart and put those gifts on layaway. And then pick them up just in time for the big non-Christmas celebration. Kmart no money down layaway. Merry Birthday, everyone.

Written Text

Kmart Merry Birthday Kmart Shop Your Way Members Members get $10 off on $50 or more of apparel, footwear & jewelry in layaway

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