Embark on a breathtaking journey and discover the story of a spectacular light show, inspired by the premium features of Sony Xperia Z3. From under water capabilities to stunning low light photos, witness the brilliance of Xperia Z3 – the highest waterproof* rating of any premium phone with a 2 day battery life. 
A small group of people are in a boat, rowing across a beautiful lake. The man in the back of the boat takes his Sony Xperia Z3 camera, dips it underwater and snaps a photo of a fish that appears to be illuminated. He takes the image back to his home where he works on a project. The project involves people riding on skateboards while holding different colored smoke flares. People wearing light suits, made of different colored lights, skiing down the side of a mountain.  
"Sony Xperia Z3 – The Journey – TV Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Let's go. 
Our new waterproof smartphone takes superior photos even in low light, has PlayStation 4 remote play and up to 2 days battery life. Don't settle for good. Demand great. The new Sony Xperia Z3 series. 
(Lyrics) I’m giving you a nightcall to tell you how I feel 
I’m gonna drive you through the night down the hills 
I’m gonna tell you something you don’t want to hear 
I’m gonna show you where it’s dumped but have no fear 
Tell you how 
Tell you how 
I'm giving you a nightcall to tell you how I feel 
I'm gonna drive you through the night down the hills 
And how I feel

Written Text

Don't settle for good. 
Demand great. 
Xperia Z3 
Be Moved 

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