At Little Caesars, you don't need to waste your time with complicated pizza websites! After all, how difficult is it to order a pizza? Remember the good old days when you simply picked up a telephone, ordered your pizza and it was ready in 15 minutes? Well, Little Caesars has evolved with an even easier way to get's called, "WALKING." Simply walk into any Little Caesars between 4 and 8 PM and pick up a large, HOT-N-READY DEEP!DEEP! Dish pepperoni pizza for $8 bucks! Or a large, HOT-N-READY pepperoni pizza for $5. No calling ahead, no waiting and no complicated pizza websites! Little Caesars, world's easiest way to pizza! "Pizza Expo :60"

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The DEEP! DEEP! Dish pizza from Little Caesars. We all love it. We love the caramelized cheese crust. We love that it's Hot-N-Ready from 4:00 to 8:00 PM. And it's only 8 bucks. But how do we attain it? You might think you'd have to use a complicated pizza website, and enter your username and password, build the pizza, search for a coupon code, enter your credit card number and attempt to use some voice recognition feature. I'm sorry. You might think that you have to do all of these things. But, you would be wrong! There's an easier way for all of us. Walking. By putting one leg in front of the other for a suspended amount of time, we achieve locomotion. And we can easily walk into any Little Caesars between 4 and 8 PM and pick up a large DEEP! DEEP! Dish pepperoni pizza for $8 or a Hot-N-Ready Classic for 5. Yes! Little Caesars. World's easiest way to pizza. Pizza pizza.

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Pizza Technology Expo Little Caesars Pizza $5 Hot-N-Ready Classic All day, every day! $8 Hot-N-Ready Deep! Deep! Dish Available all day, & Hot-N-Ready 4-8PM Little Caesars Pizza

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