"Toyotathon Holiday Commercial: R & S | Toyota"
Bringing people closer is one of the true joys of the season. From the Toyota family to yours, Happy Holidays.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

So your folks took it pretty hard, huh? They loved that tree, you know. It really meant a lot to them.
OK, one more.
Hi, hi!
This is our tree?

Torn down, full of aching
Somehow our youth would take the blame
Worn out, the way we let it stay
Climb down, if only for a taste
Hallowed, but hesitated
Shallow, but full in all your veins
Shadowed by every other weight
Followed in every other shade

Written Text

Mom and Dad Anniversary August 23, 1978
Let's bring everyone closer this holiday
Toyota Proud Partner of Team USA

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performed by Novo Amor

performed by Ed Tullett and Novo Amor

performed by Ed Tullett and Novo Amor

Anchor (Ed Tullett Remix)
performed by Novo Amor; remixed by Ed Tullett

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