The Guy Who’s Got it All :60

People say wealth is about what you have. Money and cars and things, but what if it was about something else? What if it's about the people in your life? Friends, family, community. What if it’s about who you are? Wouldn’t that be something. Live Generously and Life Will Treat You Royally.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, let me help you!
Thanks, Tony. You're the best!
Yo, what's up, what's up, what's up?
Thanks, Tony.
Yo, Tony. Hey, what up, man?
Haven't seen you in a minute, man!
You lost a pretty penny, huh?
What took you so long? I made your favorite. Chicken, platanos.
To the greatest mom in the world
Oh, hey, I'm in Denise's.
I'll get it. Hi!
This is from my mom.

(Lyrics) All right, here we go
Look at that preacher over there
Doin' his stuff
He's a dog, the way he does
Some funky stuff

He's wise, subdued
Nobody's fool
And he's doin' his stuff
Real stuff
He never stops
It ain't enough

Everybody get on up
And do your stuff
Did you hear what I say?
I said everybody

Written Text

people say wealth is about money and cars and things...
we disagree.
Crown Royal Presents
they guy who's
Got It All
Ms. Pak's Deli
Butter & Bricks
& Mr. Pickles
The daily news
Talking trash
his mom
yes, his real mom!
the Good Stuff
Crushing on her
Big Time
Live generously and life will treat you royally
Crown Royal

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