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"Bird of Prey" This commercial begins with a woman getting up from an outdoor lunch table with some Doritos bags on it. Out of nowhere, a man drops from above and lands on the table, picks up a bag, and starts making squawking sounds as he eats the Doritos like a bird. A nearby patron, annoyingly pushes the bird-man away. He then starts walking around flapping his arms like wings and making bird noises. Two men watching inside talk about "Gary". It seems that every time he starts craving Doritos, he turns into a bird of prey. Gary the plops down on a bench next to a woman eating a bag of Doritos, and he hops right up next to her. She has to throw a Dorito on the ground to get him to go away. One of the men inside turns out the lights and hold the Doritos bag up to the window and Gary flies in and slams into the glass. At the end, Gary's head is shown stuck in a bag of the corn chips as the other two men laugh at him.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What's up with Gary? Every time he craves Doritos, he turns into a bird of prey. A bird? Watch this.

Written Text

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