This commercial features to guys eating new Doritos "Jacked" flavor in a monster truck style El Camino. They peel out the tires and jump over a bunch of buses to beat Evel Knievel's world record, but instead of stopping after they complete the jump, they continue driving right through a building that sells plates and dishes (plus fireworks out of the back).

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

New Doritos Jacked are big. Bigger than a giant El Camino on monster tires. And bolder than taking that behemoth and breaking Evel Knievel's bus jumping record by two and a half buses. And they're crunchy. Crunchier than driving through a fine china shop that sells professional grade fireworks out of the back. New Doritos Jacked. Tastes like awesome feels.

Written Text

Doritos Jacked 
Bigger, Bolder, Thicker 
Enchilda Supreme 
Tastes Like Awesome Feels.

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