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"Don't Fall Into a Dinner Party" 
This commercial begins with a tired looking man sitting on his couch. He is looking at his cable bill and is upset with how much he has to pay. He wrinkles up the paper and tosses it away because he powerless to do any more than that. Later when he is walking down the street he sees a martial arts studio and decides to sign up for classes to help him get some power back in his life. Soon he is breaking wooden boards with his bare hands and wants to us this ability in the real world. He decides to become a costumed, crime-fighting, vigilante superhero named "The Fist of Goodness". At night he runs across the rooftops of the apartment buildings in the city looking for crime. After one jump he ends up tripping and falling through a huge skylight onto someone's dinner table while they are having a dinner party. 
The moral of the story is, get rid of cable now so you don't have to fall through a skylight.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

When you pay too much for cable, you feel powerless. 
When you feel powerless, you want to take the power back. 
When you want to take the power back, you take Karate. 
When you take Karate, you want to use your Karate. 
When you want to use your Karate, you become "The Fist of Goodness". 
When you become The Fist of Goodness, you run along rooftops. 
And when you run along roof tops, you fall into a dinner party. 
Don't fall into a dinner party. Get rid of cable, and upgrade to DirecTV. Call 1-800 DIRECTV

Written Text

Get rid of cable. 
Packages starting at 29.99 1-800-DIRECTV 
DirecTV, DirectTV, Direc TV, Direct TV

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