"Go Daddy Super Bowl 2013 Ad: Your Big Idea .co" This commercial shows dozens of husbands and wives having the same conversation. The words of the conversation continue was the characters change races and locations. For example, we start out with a white American couple, which changes to an couple with a man in a turban, followed by an English couple, an African couple, and an Asian couple. The woman wants the man to put his great idea on the web, but the man thinks he has lots of time because it's such a great and original idea that just popped into his mind. The fact is, only one guy did it, and he is so rich he gets to fly in a private jet with Danica Patrick as his pilot, and a Champagne-pouring flight attendant waiting on him.

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Women: Hey Joe, when are you ever gonna put your idea online? Men: Relax Kel, it's not like anyone else is gonna have the exact same idea that popped into my head. Women: How do you know no one else has thought of it Harry? Men: Because they haven't, Kelly. It's totally original. It's one in a gazillion. Women: Oh really? Really? Really? Men: It's idiot-proof. It's a real money-maker. Rich Guy: And thank goodness I put it online first. Flight Attendant: More Champagne, sir? Rich Guy: More everything sky waitress. All: Ha ha hahahaha. Announcer: Don't wait. Register your big idea as a .co domain at GoDaddy.

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Go Daddy .co #YourBigIdea

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