SmartBeep Commercial

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"SmartBeep - Blind Date" 
This banned Super Bowl ad starts with a man picking up a woman for a blind date. He opens the car door for her to let her in, and while he's walking around to the driver's side, she let's out a fart. Unfortunately, she didn't notice that he has some friends in the back seat.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I can't believe it. It's my first blind date. 
Oh, I do it all the time. 
You guys meet? 
Greg, Janet. 
We sure did. 
That was stupid. 
Ha ha ha. Great. 
This is smart. A beeper service for just a buck 99 a month. From who else - SmartBeep. Call 1-800-BEEP-199 for other smart stuff like directions. 
We've got chemistry here. You feel it? 
I felt it. 
Alright Janet.

Written Text

That was stupid. 
This is smart. 
SmartBeep Beeper Service 
$1.99 per month 

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