Carol tells the others that locking Phil in a pillory is an uncivilized form of punishment. The group then decides to put Phil in solitary confinement in the exercise room of the mansion for a week. However, Phil, feeling that he deserves to "do the time" for threatening the others, insists that the punishment last five weeks. One night, Phil attempts to steal some cottage cheese but is punished by being forced to wear a shock collar and to stay on the lawn with the group's cow. Over the next few days, Phil ends up wearing a more dangerous shock collar triggered by his talking aloud and being locked in a metal booth for throwing potted plants to get attention. Later, Phil breaks out of his booth through the floor when he spots a fire from a fallen torch, which he extinguishes with buckets of water despite being shocked dozens of times. Although he is redeemed of his punishment, only Carol shows sympathy for Phil when he thanks the other survivors, who walk away, for his release.

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The Last Man on Earth Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Last Man on Earth
2:1 Is There Anybody Out There? Sep 27, 2015
2:2 The Boo Oct 4, 2015
2:3 Dead Man Walking Oct 11, 2015
2:4 C to the T Oct 18, 2015
2:5 Crickets Oct 25, 2015
2:6 A Real Live Wire Nov 8, 2015
2:7 Baby Steps Nov 15, 2015
2:8 No Bull Nov 22, 2015
2:9 Secret Santa Dec 6, 2015
2:10 Silent Night Dec 13, 2015
2:11 Pitch Black Mar 6, 2016
2:12 Valhalla Mar 13, 2016
2:13 Fish in the Dish Apr 3, 2016
2:14 Skidmark Apr 10, 2016
2:15 Fourth Finger Apr 17, 2016
2:16 Falling Slowly Apr 24, 2016
2:17 Smart and Stupid May 8, 2016
2:18 30 Years of Science Down the Tubes May 15, 2016