The group docks on a nearby island to escape pursuit of the unknown ship. Daniel and Ofelia stay behind on the boat to keep an eye on Strand, while Travis and the others investigate a house on the shore, which is inhabited by a family. Inside the house, George informs the group that every major city on the West Coast, including San Diego, has been burned down by the military. The next morning, Travis and his family help George with daily tasks, such as eliminating walkers that wash up on shore and building fences to keep them out. George's wife Melissa privately requests that Madison take her children with them when they leave the island. Meanwhile, Daniel breaks into Strand's quarters and finds a submachine gun and a map leading to Strand's true destination: Mexico. Nick warns Travis and Madison that he suspects George is planning to poison his entire family as part of a suicide pact. Travis and Madison try to take George's two younger children, but one of them prematurely ingests some of the poison and turns, killing their mother. The group tries to flee with the remaining child, but George's older son stops them, and they are forced to leave the remains of George's family behind on the island.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It plays these songs...

Ring Around the Rosie
performed by Traditional

This Song is played in We All Fall Down part of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2
Little girl sings at the ranger station

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2

# Title Air Date
Fear the Walking Dead
2:1 Monster Apr 10, 2016
2:2 We All Fall Down Apr 17, 2016
2:3 Ouroboros Apr 24, 2016
2:4 Blood in the Streets May 1, 2016
2:5 Captive May 8, 2016
2:6 Sicut Cervus May 15, 2016
2:7 Shiva May 22, 2016
2:8 Grotesque Aug 21, 2016
2:9 Los Muertos Aug 28, 2016
2:10 Do Not Disturb Sep 4, 2016
2:11 Pablo & Jessica Sep 11, 2016
2:12 Pillar of Salt Sep 18, 2016
2:13 Date of Death Sep 25, 2016
2:14 Wrath Oct 2, 2016
2:15 North Oct 2, 2016


One Tree Hill:
Season:  8  / Episode:  4 
We All Fall Down


Warehouse 13:
Season:  4  / Episode:  10 
We All Fall Down